Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book review: Grasping For Freedom (Bantorus MC series) by Debra Kayn

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In Debra Kayn's newest biker romance novel, Torque Kendler, Sergeant at Arms of Bantorus MC fights to keep his past hidden, while protecting the one woman who's capable of bringing chaos down on Pitnam out of desperation and love.

Torque Kendler, Sergeant at Arms of the Bantorus Motorcycle club, tenaciously safeguards his marked past. Shot twice by Los Li and nearly killed last year, he wants to hold on to the familiar and retain his freedom. However, there are too many changes happening in Pitnam for him to trust anyone…especially the new chick managing the bar that's giving him attitude and consuming his thoughts. 

Sent by Los Li to work at a biker bar called Cactus Cove, Brandy Haas expects to get the information she came for and save her dad from the Mexican mafia. Worried about her dad, struggling at her job, and scared of failing again, she adds to her problems by lusting after the most dangerous biker in the MC. One biker, one hothead, one wonderful gift Torque unknowingly gives her could destroy everything she's trying to protect.

This is installment of the Bantorous series we finally find out what the story is on Torque. If you've read the previous books you know he's been shot twice and came close to dying. The manager of Cactus Cove the bar owned by the Bantorous club has retired and Brandy Haas is the new manager hired by Rain to run the place. She's young and fiesty and more than capable. Right away she rubs Torque the wrong way. They butt heads but can't seem to keep away from each other.Brandy has a secret though. She's in trouble. Los Li the Mexican mafia and a enemy of Bantorous has her dad and she's there to spy on them and pass secrets to Los Li in the hopes of getting him out of their hands. Torque has a shadowy past and he's a loner just the way he likes it but Brandy gets under his skin and when she finally tells him what's going on he protects her and swears to help her get her dad back. What i love about this book is that even though both Brandy and Torque had troubled pasts they don't let it keep them from moving forward but together they help each other start to heal and actually live fuller better lives. What i like about the series is that the club members are family by choice and they protect each other. The men are alpha makes but the women are tough as well and even though this is supposed to be hard motorcycle guys they still have their soft spots and let them show.The characters feel real.  Good series from book one and going strong in my opinion. 

Find out more about this book and series on Debra Kayn website here www.debrakayn.com

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