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Book review: The Raider (Highland Guard #8) by Monica McCarty

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Available February 25th 2014
After consolidating his gains against the enemy English, King Robert the Bruce of Scotland sends his best soldiers to fortify the lawless borders. These legendary warriors of the Highland Guard let nothing come before king and country - except the calling of their heart.
Of all Bruce’s elite warriors, Robert “Raider” Boyd is the most formidable. A true patriot whose bare hands are a deadly weapon, Robbie is the fierce enforcer of the Guard, and his hatred of the English has been honed to a razor-sharp edge. But vengeance proves bittersweet when his enemy’s beautiful sister falls into his hands and he finds himself fighting temptation - a battle he badly wants to lose.
Lady Rosalin Clifford barely recognizes the rebel prisoner she saved from execution six years ago. Though her girlish ideals for fairness have matured into a passion for justice, Rosalin believes she betrayed her brother when she helped this dangerous man escape. Now her traitorous act has come back to haunt her. But she can’t deny the longing this tormented warrior ignites in her, or deny the passion that turns sworn enemies into lovers. Is the gentle love of a true English Rose enough to free Scotland’s most brutal warrior from a path of vengeance - before it’s too late?
For some reason i fell in love with Scottish highlanders in books years ago. Never met one i didn't like. Monica McCarty takes us into a the fabulous world of the Highland Guard. Made up of some exceptionally talented, as well as sexy warrior men. Alpha males for sure but sweet hearts for the right woman. This book is Robbie Boyd's turn and starts 6 years before the main story takes place.  The enemies sister Rosalin Clifford helps him escape her brothers prison. Her 16 year old self fancied herself in love with Robbie. Couldn't bear to see anything happen to him. He didn't know who she was. Now 6 years later she's unwittingly kidnapped by Robbie along with her 13 year old nephew.  Robbie finds himself trying to figure out what to do with Rosalin once he figures out who she is and that she's his savior from years before. What do you do when you're attracted to the sister of your biggest enemy. When you've grown a hate for all things English?  Robbie used to believe right and wrong and now all he believes in is revenge. Rosalin muddies up the waters for him and makes him rethink the way he sees things now.  I liked this book poor Robbie is a alpha who thinks he knows everything but Rosalin is a tough woman and won't let him get away with just going after revenge anymore. Throw in his partner Sir Alex Seton who has been a thorn in his side since they were partnered together and it's a crazy mix that knocks Robbie off balance.  Great continuation of the series with a great glimpse of some of the previous Highland Guard members and what's going on with them as well. I can't wait to see what Monica McCarty does with Sir Alex Seton considering how she left him at the end of this book.  I love the history lesson that comes at the end of these books too. 

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