Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book review: Baby, It's Cold Outside (Men at Work #1) by HelenKay Dimon

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Available 2/25/2014
Men at Work, Book 1

Sex in the office? Lincoln Campbell knows better. His assistant, Thea Marshall, is off limits—until her back hits the door and her clothes come off. The next day brings more than morning-after regrets. It brings damning evidence that Thea stole business secrets.

Three months later, he can’t shake the doubts in his gut, so he heads for Thea’s family cabin by the lake, ready to talk. He’s not ready for the woman who answers the door. She was shapely before…and it won’t be long before she’s a totally different shape.

After Linc escorted her off company property while her protestations of innocence fell on deaf ears, facing off with him now isn’t exactly Thea’s idea of a good time. She needs a few more weeks to plan the drastically different direction her life has taken, but now he’s here—and refusing to leave.

With a storm rolling in and snow piling up, there’s nothing to do but face the past…and try to resist the real man behind the suit.

Warning: A hot businessman who usually gets what he wants. A strong woman who refuses to be pushed around—on the morning after, or any other time. And a cabin where the showdown begins.

HelenKay Dimon is bringing us a brand new series Men at Work. In this first book Lincoln Cambell is attracted to his new assistant Thea Marshall. He knows better than to mix business with pleasure and has a company rule about dating within the company. One day he breaks that rule and by the next day regrets it when it looks like Thea might have stole company secrets and shared them with a rival. Without talking to her about it and presenting her with the evidence so she might have a chance to defend herself he publicly fires her.  She pleads with him to talk to her but his hurt feelings won't allow anything other that getting her away from him.  It's not long though and he's wondering if she really did it and if he didn't overreact.  Thea has no family left and she took the job with Linc's company to start over and  fell hard for her boss from day one and their night together thought they might have something.  After Linc fires her she goes away to her parents cabin to get a grip on things and be alone and figure out what to do. She gets a surprise from her night with Linc she didn't expect but is happy to have.  Then her friends show up to check on her and hot on their heels is Linc. He invites himself to stay and they are forced to sort out their feelings and what happened at work.  Linc and Thea have chemistry from page one and the first chapter is so hot there is no way you can set this down without reading it to the end so don't start it if you do not have a nice block of time to read. Linc is a bit of a alpha male with a chip on his shoulder but Thea is no pushover and can take care of herself. Excellent writing and the person who in the end stole the secrets was not who i expected at all so kudos to HelenKay Dimon for getting me there. lol Great introduction to what looks to be a really hot series! 

Find out more about this book and the author HelenKay Dimon here www.helenkaydimon.com

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