Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: Playing Dirty by author Susan Anderson

I received this eARC from netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

I have not read a Susan Anderson book in quite some time so i was happy to try this new book out.  I've enjoyed many of her previous books so i was hoping for more of the same good reading. Here's the blurb.

When high school golden boy Cade Gallari publicly revealed he’d slept with “fat girl” Ava Spencer to win a bet, he broke her heart. Now a decade older and a head-turner with her own concierge business, Ava isn’t the gullible dreamer she once was—and she plans to prove it when Cade, hotter than ever, breezes back into town with an offer she can’t refuse.

A documentary film producer, Cade is shooting a movie about the mysterious mansion Ava inherited. And he wants her as his personal concierge. She’s certainly professional enough to be at his beck and call without giving him everything he wants. Like another shot at having her in his bed. But Ava doesn't count on Cade’s determination. Because he’s never gotten over her. And he’s not above playing dirty to score a second chance at a red-hot future…

I was really excited to get to read a new Susan Anderson book. As i said above i have read her in the past and loved her books but it's been a while. I love the concept of the 3 friends sticking together through school and beyond. It's so hard to find that in real life these days it seems so it was fun to see it here. Ava as a kid growing up was always dealing with weight issues. Her mother was always commenting on her weight so she was aware that she was a overweight or so she thought. Cade was a real ass in high school and it turns out he had some life issues of his own back then that he was dealing with that led to his stupid unexceptable behavior back then. For years after the big blow up in high school both Ava and Cade have been dealing with their demons. Cade has been struck on Ava still all that time and tried apologizing over and over through the years without any success in gaining forgiveness. Cade comes back to his hometown to film a documentary in a house that Ava owns with her other two friends Jane and Poppy. She is a concierge by profession these days too and takes the job as concierge then for Cade's film crew because she needs the money. It takes a whole lot of convincing Ava he's not the same guy anymore and to give him a chance but he finally does it. Will Ava's insecurities allow love to bloom for her and Cade?

There are so many funny moments in this book and for some reason i love when a guy says "Damn straight" Or "Damn right". Cade says this alot to Ava. He is such a intense guy and he wants Ava no bones about it. The friends were awesome as well and their spouses. My favorite part was the epilogue though. Of course there is going to be a happy ever after. It was alot of fun getting to it too. I give Playing Dirty by Susan Anderson 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. A fun summer read! Check out Susan Anderson's website by click here . You can read a excerpt and check out her back list and the other books in this series.


  1. YEAH! I requested this one too and will start in this weekend :) Can't wait to read it :)

  2. Felicia if your into following the books the other two posted above come before this one. lol I didn't realize that it was part of a series right away. I hunted around my many many books here and i don't have either one so i am going to have to get them and read up on the other two women. Susan has deleted scenes and other goodies on her website i enjoyed.


  3. I love this series. I've already preordered this book and cannot WAIT til it's available on my Nook!!! :)