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Book Review: Harlequin Intrigue The McKenna Legacy. Deal Breaker by author Patricia Rosemoor

Review by Sarah

Deal Breaker by Patricia Rosemoor

Back of the Book Blurb:
The McKenna legacy strikes again, and the consequences could be devastating

Bryce McKenna was a cursed man who needed a wife fast—and childhood friend Hailey Wright fit the bill perfectly. With her brother a hundred thousand dollars in debt to a loan shark, Hailey was willing to vow marriage for the money to save him. But when Hailey's own life came under attack, Bryce feared the McKenna family's dark legacy was the cause.…

While Hailey's unorthodox gift for sensing ghosts suggested there was more to Bryce's demons than an unsolved mystery, she feared falling in love with her tortured husband. But Bryce's kisses burned too hot…and made the vulnerable beauty forget her life was in jeopardy. Although they'd taken their vows, would the McKenna curse tear their new love apart?

This book had an interesting plot with a really good murder mystery from the past affecting the lives of the main characters. Bryce's mother disappeared on a stormy night several years ago, and his family believes it's because of the McKenna curse, causing anyone loved by a McKenna to be in mortal danger. Bryce has avoided an emotional relationship because of this curse. But now his business is in danger of bankruptcy, and the only potential investor wants to do business with a married man. So Bryce asks his childhood friend Hailey, a real estate agent, to marry him as a business arrangement. Hailey is desperate as well - her gambling brother is deep in debt to a loan shark. If she marries Bryce, he promises to pay her brother's loan and divorce Hailey as soon as the investor bails out his company. He believes Hailey will be safe from the McKenna curse because he does not love her. Can you see where this is going?

Hailey has had a secret crush on Bryce since they were teens, and is already attracted to him. Right after they're married someone tries to kill Hailey, and Bryce saves her, resulting in near-death sex. The sex scene was fairly mechanical. As a reader, I never felt love or affection grow between Hailey and Bryce.

Hailey is a tough heroine to like. She's loyal to her gambling addict brother to the point of stupidity, she takes cell phone photos of her brother's loan shark and then waves her phone in the criminal's face, and she likes to tell her clients about the ghosts she "senses" in the houses she's trying to sell.

As the story progresses, Hailey gets more ghostly clues concerning Bryce's mother's death, multiple suspects are established, and Bryce and Hailey's relationship grows more awkward, as they alternately rebuff and reach out to one another.

Overall this was a pretty good mystery, but was dragged down by an awkward, forced romance element To find out more about this book and the author click here Purchase this book at eHarlquin by clicking here .

3 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars.

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