Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review: Merciless (Long Tall Texans) by author Diane Palmer

 I received a copy of this eARC from Netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

If you've been reading my reviews here long enough you know that i have what i call a love hate relationship with Diane Palmer's books. They drive me batty when i read them usually but i still come back for more. I can't even tell you what draws me to them. Let me give the blurb then my thoughts.


Long, Tall Texans
HQN Books July 26, 2011

Tall dark and eligible? That’s all that matters to the women of Jacobsville when it comes to handsome and aloof FBI agent Jon Blackhawk. But if it were up to him, he would never settle down. Luckily, Jon has the best gatekeeper: his efficient and reliable assistant, Joceline Perry. Without her help, he’d be at the mercy of husband hunters — but the more he comes to rely on her, the more he notices how invaluable she really is.... While Joceline can’t deny that her boss is attractive, as a single mother with responsibilities she’s determined to be professional. But when Jon is accosted by a criminal seeking revenge, she comes to his aid — fueling the spark that is growing between them. As the attempts on Jon’s life increase, Joceline stands by his side. But when the smoke clears, will the man who avoided love realize that all he ever needed was right there all along?

If you are a reader of Diane Palmer books you've probably seen Jon Blackhawk in some of her other Long Tall Texan series books. Some people say there is a pattern to Diane Palmers books. She has a older guy, usually at least 10 years older than the woman in the book and he is usually somewhat of a ass to said woman and then he finally gets a clue as to what he's missing out on. OK part of that is my description but I've heard it also. In this book Jon is 31 and Joceline is 26 so not that bad and Jon is really kind of a gentleman. In this book there is a bad guy after Jon and since Joceline helped him get the bad guy she is included in the threat.  there is ganger and bad guys after Jon and anyone close to him. The book had some odd things going for it though. Supposedly Jon at 31 is a virgin. In this day and age very odd. Joceline is a single parent and she is treated like a tramp because of it although the she gives everyone the story of the dad being in the military and missing in action and how they were going to get married and he didn't know about the pregnancy. This idea is harped on alot. I like the idea of this story but again the old fashion ideals that are portrayed in the book bring it down for me. Will it keep me from reading more from Diane Palmer. Definitely not. Sometimes her heroes have to work really hard to get me to like them but eventually they seem to get there. To read more about Diane Palmer and her books please click here I give Merciless which by the way had a awesome cover 3 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars.

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  1. I am going to have to check this series out! I like the Tall, Dark, and Eligible :)