Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Audiobook review: Branded for You (Riding Tall #1) by Cheyenne McCray

Audiobook provided by author for review

Megan Wilder doesn’t think there’s a man in this world who could love her just the way she is. After meeting sexy Ryan McBride, she suspects he might just be the one to change her mind. 

With her family in danger of losing their restaurant and their home, a sudden illness has everything Megan thought was sure in her life crashing down around her. Finding out Ryan is the one responsible for threatening foreclosure shakes her very foundation.

Can Ryan and Megan succeed in overcoming their obstacles and fight for a love that was meant to be?

This was a new for me author so excited to listen to book and check out the narration. It started out strong with the two meeting and getting to know each other, but after a while i kept waiting for something to happen. Something a little exciting. It was kind of ho hum and ok, then wham! There's the first sex scene with Megan and Ryan. You would think the first time would be sweet. Instead it's hot and intense and a little bit of bondage and dirty talk. Wowee! It goes from contemporary romance speed to mild erotica. I can handle the hot sex scenes but this seemed to come out of the blue with how Ryan acts right up until this. I loved the two of them together and Ryan was this amazing guy.  Overall i thought there was a little to much description of things and i didn't care for the narrators female voices but the book was still enjoyable for me.

Find out more about this author and this series here www.cheyennemccray.com

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