Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ARC Book review: Rocky Mountain Shelter (Six Pack Ranch #8) by Vivian Arend

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Innocence and passion are an addictive mix...

The dark-haired stranger next door triggers every protective instinct Trevor Coleman never knew he had. From the moment Becky Hall literally falls into his arms, the last man standing of the Moonshine clan doesn't even attempt to resist sweet temptation. Becky is beautiful, mysterious and heartbreakingly vulnerable…and he's a goner.

To escape the hell she was trapped in, Becky left everything behind but her courage. And for once in her life, good people step up to make a difference. A helping hand, a new job…a very attentive and libido–stroking neighbour. Now a new future awaits, one that shockingly includes sexual pleasure instead of icy pain, and a sexy cowboy who’s more than eager to show her the ropes.

Becky’s sweet smiles and seductive innocence draw him in like nectar, and Trevor knows one taste will never be enough. But with secrets growing thicker than a bumper crop, changing a life will take more than a new ID and a cowboy’s good intentions.

It's gonna take sacrifice to break these chains.

Warning: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl—all hell breaks loose. We’ve got a hero whose hands are tied in more ways than one. A heroine who wants to experience everything she's ever missed, and a family that needs to discover if its roots go deep enough to weather any storm.

I really love this series. Trevor Coleman has the biggest heart. He is constantly giving his truck away. Literally, he does! He's one of the last Coleman's still single and is the first person to offer help to someone in need. Along comes Becky Hall. Becky has some huge secrets and wants to be left alone but Trevor is attracted to her and intrigued and he slowly wittles his way into her life and her heart. I loved this one. Trevor is one of those guys that anyone would want as a friend. He also has a supportive family. So when Becky Hall shows up in a rental house on property he is trying to find out who is the owner of he get several surprises. Who Becky is, where she came from and who is the owner of the house and how it's connected to his family. Amazing story of love and patience and understanding. The only down spot for me was toward the ending. I was expecting more at the end. Something bigger. It just kind of ended with some things not settled. At least not for me. Overall though a really good read.

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