Thursday, December 17, 2015

ARC Book review: A SEAL Forever (West Coast Navy SEALs #3) by Anne Elizabeth

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Even a hero needs someone to believe in him...
Parkour instructor Maura Maxwell has always denied her attraction for her bachelor neighbor because she's seen his revolving door of women and doesn't want to become another notch on his belt. But the man who rescues her from a sudden storm isn't the one she thinks she knows-he's Master Chief Declan Swifton of SEAL Team Five, and he literally sweeps Maura off her feet.
Just as his teasing and tenderness start to work their way into Maura's heart, Declan and his team are called in for a dangerous op in the Middle East. The man who returns is facing the toughest fight of his life, and he needs Maura by his side more than ever...

This is a new author for me. The cover caught my eye and the blurb my interest. Declan Swifton is Navy seal. One of the elite military and all around good guy. Maura Maxwell is his next door neighbor and they share a balcony. Kind of hard to avoid each other but Maura was managing just fine until she gets into trouble in the ocean just outside their door. Declan swims in to save her opening a chance for them to get to know each other.  It seems to be going well between the two until Declan is injured on a OP and disappears for a bit. I have to say first i liked the idea of this story. Parts of it I enjoyed a lot. I think the story could've been made shorter and went on to long though. I knew that Declan would get injured because of the blurb but i was not expecting what happened to him. I liked how he handled it but for some reading this it could be very upsetting. I loved Declan's teammates as well. Both Declan and Maura had challenges in their lives. Maura's earlier in life and her struggle helps Declan. She becomes his anchor. In the end it kinda had a fairy tale ending and that doesn't jive with the reality of soldiers getting severely injured in battle. It was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed the story but this would not be a reread for me. 

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