Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book review:Hollywood House Call by Jules Bennett

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Calling L.A.'s most eligible M.D.!

Brilliant Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Noah Foster has perfection at his fingertips. Even so, he knows better than any man that losing someone you love comes at a cost. Which is why he can't walk away from Callie Matthews. When an accident shatters her dreams of stardom, he vows to heal her, inside and out.

Yet living in close quarters makes their red-hot attraction impossible to ignore. Being at Callie's bedside is one thing-and being in her bed is something Noah can't resist. He doesn't do commitment...but letting Callie go is impossible....

This is a quick little read packed with a whole lot of drama and romance. Noah Foster is a plastic surgeon who is a sweet caring guy with a  whole lot of hurt on the inside. He holds himself responsible for what happened to his fiance.  She wanted to be a actress but fell into drugs and overdosed one day and passed away. His guilt eats at him and he can't get past that because he couldn't help her. Callie Matthews works for him in his office as a receptionist and has the same goal to be an actress. She reminds Noah of his fiance because of that dream and because she looks similar and is bubbly and full of life. He's also attracted to her. Trying to protect her he offers her a modeling job for his practice. He figures if he can keep her away from acting gigs he can keep her from following his fiance path to destruction. On the way to the photo shoot Callie gets into a terrible car accident that leaves her with a terrible cut on her face damaging her perfect skin and her chances at a acting career and the money she needs to help support her parents.  Noah is torn up again with guilt and confused by his feeling for Callie. He can't risk his heart again if it will only be shattered again but he feels a pull towards her that only strengthens as care for her as she heals . Callie has self esteem issues from her past that rear up and she fights depression and heartache over what she's going to do with her life now if Noah can't fix her. Jules Bennett writes about two broken hearts that need each other to mend and be whole.  You can feel the confusion and pull between Noah and Callie.  The chemistry between the two is sizzling hot!! 4 out of 5 stars for Hollywood House Call by Jules Bennett.

Find out more about this book and author Jules Bennett on her website here www.julesbennett.com

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