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Book review: What a Wicked Earl Wants (The Sinful Scoundrels #1) by Vicky Dreiling

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Available May 28th 2013
WILL A RAKE'S WICKED WAYSAndrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham, believes in being a gentleman, whether it's fishing a soggy stranger out of the Thames or assisting a fetching lady into his bed. If the stranger becomes a friend and the lady a mistress, all the better. He certainly welcomes the opportunity to help Laura Davenport, a dazzling young widow with a rebellious stepson. Her gratitude, he hopes, will take an amorous form. But from the moment he sets foot in her drawing room, he gets far more than he bargained for ... 


It was a moment of desperation. On the brink of losing her stepson, Laura turned to the notorious Lord Bellingham for help. Suddenly she, a vicar's daughter, is in the precarious position of resisting his tantalizing advances. How Bell earned his wicked reputation is clear; the surprise is how much more there is to him than the gossip sheets could possibly reveal. Now every moment with this dangerously desirable man puts Laura's good name at risk-and promises pleasure unlike any she has ever known ..

I am a hard sell when it comes to historical romance. My first taste of this genre was Julie Garwood " The Bride". I ate up the rest of her books after that and then needed to find another author who  could give me that same lovely feeling when i finished reading.  It proved to be a hard to do. I need that perfect mix of historical setting with humor and love and heart. I started What a Wicked Earl Wants thinking i would like it i read the novella " A Season for Sin" that's like a prequel to this series. I loved that so i was hopeful but i did not expect to love the book as much as i did.  Bell and his two pals Harry and Colin are just hilarious together. They are definitely typical men with their dirty mind and crude behavior when they are together but perfect gentlemen when the occasion calls for it. I thoroughly enjoyed their conversations together. Bell experience the loss of his entire family when he was away at college. Never got to say goodbye and he had a wonderful family and has been carrying around guilt over their deaths ever since.  He feels like he doesn't deserve love or a life of good things. Along come the pretty widow Laura and her stepson Justin. Justin is 17 and trying to show his independence but falls into the wrong crowd. Bellingham or Bell as he is called by his friends steps in to help Laura straighten him out and soon he finds himself in deeper with her than he wanted. He can't help it though he's drawn to her.  Of course there is a bad guy that's going to cause problems and in this case Justin's uncle is his guardian and threatens to take him away from Laura. You don't see a lot of him but he has spies around London watching Laura and Justin. When he makes the threat though Bell happens to be there and Laura announces they are engaged. Which Bell goes along with to help her. What starts out as a friendship turn into so much more and Bell finds himself in deeper and deeper with Laura. Question is can she break though the shield around his heart?  Dreiling writes lush characters that you can easily envision in your mind as you read. Even the secondary characters will win a place in your heart. The dialogue is fun and witty and sexy when it needs to be. You find yourself rooting for Bellingham to get with the program and figure out that Laura is everything he needs. Totally enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I think i have found another historical romance author to follow with Vicky Dreiling.  5 out of 5 stars for What a Wicked Earl Wants.

Find out more about Vicky Dreiling and read a excerpt for this book on her website here

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