Friday, January 13, 2012

Free ebook Friday! Your Words, Your story, by debut author Cynthia Harrison


Your Words, Your Story is a creative memoir and writing resource for short story, novel, memoir, screenplay, children's literature, and poetry. Includes section on how to publish. This text tells the story of one writer's journey and is ideal for new writer self-study or as a text for adult writing workshops.

About the Author

Cynthia Harrison is a teacher and writer who has published fiction, poetry and personal essays in many literary and mainstream journals. She also reviews for Publishers Weekly and blogs at A Writer's Diary.
Find Cynthia Harrison here:
Twitter CynthiaHarriso1
Facebook Cynthia Hines Harrison
This ebook is available for free until January 15th so grab it now


  1. Thank you Lisa for letting my book take up space on your site! You do so much for writers.

  2. Your welcome Cindy!I do very little but i'm glad to help out where i can.