Saturday, June 6, 2020

eARC Book review: Scandalous Engagement (Lockwood Lightning #3) by Jules Bennett

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One kiss with her best friend…changes everything.

Their engagement may be fake…

But the chemistry is as real as it gets!
Josie Coleman has the perfect plan to get rid of her bothersome ex-husband: pretend she’s about to marry again. But her fake engagement to her best friend, Reese Conrad, isn’t going as expected. His steamy, toe-curling kisses are anything but friendly…and their simple plan leads to very complicated feelings. Too bad that isn’t the only surprise Reese has in store…

Josie Coleman made a mistake when she married her ex-husband. She remedied that mistake but the ex won't take the hint that it's over for good. Reese Conrad is her best friend and as been forever. To help her out he tells the ex he's her new fiance'. Forced into a forced change in their relationship makes them both reevaluate that relationship.  While the two of them are navigating this change Reese is also dealing with finding out who his biological father is and two half brothers he never knew he had.  A great wrap up to the series Josie and Reese fake engagement makes them realize they were perfect for each other all along. Watching them them come to that realization was fun. Seeing Reese and Josie expand their family with Reese's two new new step brothers and their significant others was just icing on the cake.  A quick fun read and a great way to spend a evening lost if a book.

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