Monday, June 15, 2020

eARC Book review: Hush, Puppy (The Dogmothers #4) by Roxanne St. Claire

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John Santorini has his hands full this summer and not just with Maverick, the wild and willful puppy he recently adopted. He’s trying to franchise his business, he’s got serious staffing issues, and his biggest investor still hasn’t committed to financing. But all of those problems fade away when a five-year-old girl pounces on his puppy in the park and pronounces him “Mine!” John can handle a kid with a crush on little Mav. But he’s not so sure what to do with his instant attraction to her mother, a beautiful young widow who brightens his world the minute she arrives in town.

Summer Jackson has come to Bitter Bark for one reason: to meet a man. But the man she plans to connect with isn’t there. Instead, she finds two outrageous grannies who want to marry her off, discovers an extended and colorful family that wraps her in love, and crushes hard on a Greek charmer who offers her a place to stay and a job for the season. John may not have been the man Summer intended to meet, but his soul-melting kisses soon have Summer rethinking all her plans. He’s smart, sexy, sweet, and his impossibly adorable puppy is helping her daughter overcome her baffling speech impediment.

It doesn’t take long before Summer and John are dreaming of the happy ending they’ve both been denied. But when the past comes back to wreak havoc on all their lives, Summer’s real reason for coming to town threatens to destroy this budding little family. Will John have to settle for a Summer fling…or do the Dogmothers have the recipe for romance one more time?

John Santorini has always been the serious child in the family. He's got a lot of brain power and it's always served him well even. He's got a lot on his plate with trying to get his business franchise going and wrangling a important needed investor to make that happen. A sweet 5 year old and her mother crash into his world and teach him to relax and not over think to much. Summer Jackson came to Bitter Bark to find one one to apologize but finds another that rocks her world.  The Dogmothers win another one with this book. Summer and John click from the beginning but that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing to the end. John is one of those nice guys everyone wishes they had in their lives. Puts other people first especially people he cares about. Summer has dealt with the death of her spouse and raising a child by herself. When she meets John and his big crazy fun family they accept her as one of their own. This is a feel good story that anyone can enjoy. 

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