Sunday, April 12, 2020

eARC Book review: An Unexpected Scandal (Lockwood Lightning) by Jules Bennett

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When one late night changes everything!They work so well together
so many ways…
Nick Campbell’s life has been upended. His hated rival is the father he never knew, and his top-notch architect, Silvia Lane, is having his baby. It’s time for the billionaire to regain control. First step: get Silvia to marry him. But she’s not having it. She has her own plans for how things should go, and she wants real love or nothing!

Beginning of a new series. Nick Cambell just lost his mother, found out a one night stand is pregnant and learned who is biological father is. That's a lot to take in for anyone. Silvia Lane is the architect on a project of Nick's honoring his mother. Things got a little crazy one night and now she's pregnant with Nick's baby. Both Nick and Silvia have not so good childhoods and absent parents for one reason or another.  Both had failed short marriage's before. That's a lot stacked against them finding real love.  I liked this story . Nick gets a letter that rocks his world. It could mean a scandal that might hurt or help him. Silvia's pregnancy could mean her own scandal as she's still trying to prove herself at her company. What if all these secrets come out? There's more than just a few. While Nick and Silvia get their happy ending it's just the beginning of a much bigger story. No cliff hangers here for Nick and Silvia but you are left excited for what's next. My minds buzzing already.

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