Tuesday, March 31, 2020

eARC Book review: My Kind of Cowboy (Wranglers of Wyoming #1) by R.C. Ryan

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Available April 28th 2020

Brand Merrick is a take-charge cowboy who loves a challenge and being in the thick of the action on his family ranch. When Brand takes a fall from his horse and the town doctor orders physical therapy, he doesn't intend to rest for long. They make a compromise that the physical therapist will come stay on the ranch for six weeks so Brand can do his exercises between his duties running the ranch. But Brand wasn't expecting to be working with beautiful, tough city-girl Avery.

Avery Grant has no patience for the sexy cowboy who makes it clear therapy is a waste of his time. She won't back down, especially since she came to Wyoming for another reason... to get away from the mysterious threats she keeps receiving. But the threats have followed her to the Merrick ranch. And soon, Brand isn't feeling quite so hostile toward his new therapist... in fact, keeping her safe becomes his only priority.

The Merrick family took a serious hit when a fire took one of their lives. Years later three young boys now adults have navigated their lives without their mother to become capable adults. Brand is the oldest and takes after his father in being a serious rancher always on the go. When a nasty fall injures his leg and it's not healing fast enough his grandmother find a physical therapist to come in a help. He's not happy about it and figures he can be surly enough to run them off. Avery Grant has been trying to measure up for her dad her whole life. Being a physical therapist is what she's decided is her dream. Not what her dad wants but she's going to do it anyway. She arrives at the Merrick ranch to find a less than enthusiastic Brand but she's not going to give up.  Avery is also getting away from a mysterious threat in Michigan where she's from but follows her to Wyoming. Love these types of books where there is all this extended family. The Merricks are a wonder multi generation family that add so much to this story. Brand is this hard ass with a soft side. It takes a bit of coaxing for Avery to get it out of him but it's there. The more time they spend together the more they don't want to be apart. Avery's time has a expiration date in Wyoming. Once the threat takes center stage at the end of the book it was easy to know who the bad guy was but i was on the edge of my seat wondering how it was going to play out. My Kind of Cowboy was a pleasure to read from page one. I can't see where the author takes us in the next book in this series.

Find out more about R.C. Ryan and this series here www.ryanlangan.com

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