Tuesday, April 28, 2020

eARC Book review: Scandalous Reunion by Jules Bennett

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Available May 5th 2020
eARC Provided by author

Is his on-again lover

plotting his downfall?

“Did you think I’d kiss you
and then agree to your terms?”
Back in town after sixteen years, Tennessee attorney Maty Taylor has to persuade her ex-lover—billionaire bourbon maker Sam Hawkins—to sell his priceless distillery. The stakes are high, since Maty’s being blackmailed to persuade him. Sensing trouble, Sam refuses the offer, even as renewed desire surges between them. But will his hidden agenda cost him a second chance with Maty?

Ah what a tangled web. Sam's ex shows up in town to help Sam's enemy. This is not the woman he knew. Things aren't always what the seem and it doesn't take long until Sam finds out why Maty is back and why shes suddenly working for a evil enemy. I enjoyed this book a little more than book one. No idea why. I think I just connected with these two more. Really interested to see how this series  is going to wrap up. One more mysterious brother to go. Then what? 

Find out more about Jules Bennett and this series www.julesbennett.com

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