Monday, May 4, 2020

eARC Book review: Shadow Flight (Shadow Riders #5) by Christine Feehan

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Available May 5th 2020
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Nicoletta Gomez was a terrified teenager when Taviano Ferraro and his brother saved her life. Ever since, she’s been trying to rise above what was done to her, molding herself into a survivor under the protective eyes of the Ferraro family. All the while, she’s been falling hopelessly in love with the man who knows her darkest secrets.…

With one look, Taviano knew that Nicoletta was his, just as he felt their shadows connect. But no matter how much he wanted to claim her, he knew she needed time to become her own woman. When Nicoletta once again finds herself in the sights of dangerous men, a split-second decision has Taviano breaking all of the Ferraro family’s rules to keep her safe. And as far as he’s concerned, the reward is more than worth the risk.

Been waiting for Taviano and Nicoletta's story. Nicoletta has come a long way from where she started in book one. Taviano has been there from her from the beginning and now it's their time. Now the man who originally hurt her is back. She's lived with some peace because he didn't know where she was or if she was alive when she disappeared several years ago. Now it's time to finish it. I really enjoyed watching this couples relationship develop. Unfortunately this book had a lot of filler and then a revisit with one of the couple from a previous book. Not enough conflict with the bad guy.I still enjoyed the book but there wasn't really a lot of story given the length of the book. Nicoletta definitely is a grown women who comes into her own in this story and Taviano is the man who supports her 100%. Interested to see the rest of this series. 

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