Monday, September 23, 2019

eARC Book review: Keeping Score (Willow Creek Book 1) by Shannon Stults

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With everything on the line, it's game on

Logan Kase has reveled in being Willow Creek's infamous wild child until one detrimental decision proved it was time for a change. Years later, Logan is back in her small hometown and ready to prove to everyone (especially herself) that she's not that same girl anymore. But the new life she's so carefully constructed starts to tear apart the second she runs into Cole Tucker.

Logan thought she'd put her childhood rival and their adolescent games behind her, but it takes her only one night before she’s forced into one final game, a series of hilariously immature challenges that has the whole town keeping score. A game that, should she lose, could destroy everything she's built her new life around.

Cole Tucker and Logan Kase have been going at each other for years. Cole always have feeling for Logan but Logan never realized it. Then when she finally saw him as something more and they gave in to sex a misunderstanding set them apart for 4 years.  Now Logan is back with a fiance and the idea she's different now. No more wild girl. That lasts about 5 minutes. These two decide on one more bet and that's when things get crazy. Logan can't decide what she wants and Cole is to scared to put his feeling out there. That bugged me often in this book. Their both young so i suppose you could see that but at the same time it was annoying at points. I enjoyed the writing and the story but sometimes it was just to much. The ending i loved. Overall it was a good read i would read again and follow along to the next book in the series.

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