Sunday, September 8, 2019

eARC Book review: California Secrets (Two Brothers #2) by Jules Bennett


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Will he still love her every touch…

when he finds out who she really is?

For years, Ethan Michaels has plotted to reclaim the resort his mother founded. His plan never included a lover…or a pregnancy. But his desire-fueled fling with smart, stunning Harper Williams results in just that. Now he’s getting used to the idea of a baby…until he finds out Harper’s father is the very man who stole everything from him years ago.

Ethan Michaels has had it in for his Step father for years. He stole the resorts his mom meant to leave to him and his twin brother when she died. He had his twin Dane have been working on getting them back. Dane got his in his book and now it's time for Ethan to claim his. Harper Williams is at the resort working on a project to remodel it and at the same time grieving the passing of her sister. She was always the conservative homebody sister but she's finally decided to let loose a little when she meets Ethan. It's just a vacation type fling until Harper comes up pregnant. Ethan is this guy whose in control of his world and now he isn't. Harper is not what he expected and when she tells him she's pregnant his heart begins to thaw toward love. Maybe he's not as closed off as he thought. Unfortunately there's a monkey wrench getting tossed at him he can't control. Harper's dad is also his step father his enemy. I really enjoyed this two part book series. Both brothers have cut off their emotions even toward each other. The Jules Bennett gives two brothers a happy ending they deserve with the help of two amazing women.  Finally the Michaels brothers get back together again. A quick enjoyable easy read. 

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