Tuesday, September 3, 2019

eARC Book review: Hold On to Me (Return to Haven Book 3) by Jules Bennett

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When three best friends decide to stretch their wings and revamp the local airport in small-town Haven, Georgia, the destination is laughter and love …
Jade Mackenzie left her high-society family’s expectations behind when she came back to cozy Haven, and she’s never been happier. But what’s supposed to be a quick trip to Nashville for a cousin’s wedding turns into a disaster when one of the airport’s pilots offers to fly her there. One crash landing and a shared room later, and tattooed, bearded Cash Miller is standing in as her gorgeously unsuitable plus-one—and turning her on in ways she can’t deny. But a relationship? A real one? That’s definitely in the no-fly zone.  
Vincent “Cash” Miller doesn’t have much in the world, but he does have pride—and a strict policy not to let anyone trash-talk his friends, not even their mothers. Standing up for sexy, headstrong Jade comes naturally—but so does the bone-deep itch for her he’s always wanted to scratch. Giving in to attraction is one thing, but commitment is another. So why does it feel like together, love might take them to breathtaking heights? 

Three best friends and three cousins. They've all hooked up except the last two. Jade and Cash though have been like oil and water so far though. Rubbing each other the wrong way. Then when they experience their plane having to crash land Jade sees Cash in a different light. Enlisting Cash to be her plus one for her pretentious cousins wedding helps too. Jade comes from money so most people think she's a stuck chick.  That's not Jade not that her mother hasn't tried to hook her up with the "right" people. Cash had a alcoholic father whose in and out of rehab. It's something he doesn't share with a lot of people. These two are a bit of opposites attract when in reality they aren't that opposite as you might think. Both struggle with pride and feeling unworthy of love. Jules Bennett makes you love them both even as you want to give them a shake sometimes. She puts you right in the story and makes you want to be one of those friends . 

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