Wednesday, April 17, 2019

eARC Book review: Make Me Yours (Make Me #3) by Katee Robert


Available May 1 2019
eARC Provided by publisher for honest review

I didn’t get to be CEO of a New York tech company by chasing whims…or women. But when wildly beautiful, fiercely independent fitness instructor Becka Baudin caught my eye across a crowded wedding reception, my body reacted with a will of its own.

She wanted a sexy distraction—one night of lust in a glamorous hotel. And I was happy to oblige. Then, after the most amazing night of my life, she walked away—leaving me wanting so much more. I haven’t been myself since that night. My work is suffering. My social life is nowhere. All I think about, all I dream about, is her.

Three months later, she told me. A baby. My baby… I insisted she move into my Manhattan penthouse. Now I see her every day. I crave her every second. I long for her touch, her kiss, her body moving under mine. I know if I try to cage her she’ll fly away. How can I convince a wild thing to stay in my life, in my heart, forever?

Aaron and Becka meet at Becka's sisters wedding. Becka isn't into relationships but there's something about Aaron that attracts her. She does one night stands not relationships and Aaron is perfect for that. The next morning she slips away but Aaron can't get her out of his mind. Three months later she pops back up in his life with the news he's going to be a dad.  Becka's parents really messed her up but Aaron is determined to get into her heart. Becka doesn't make it easy. I came into this series late. I enjoyed the book even though Becka is a bit annoying at times it still was a enjoyable read. 

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