Saturday, April 13, 2019

eARC Book review: Crazy for Your Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor #5) by Lexi Ryan


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A family wedding with a fake boyfriend, meddling parents, and an obsessive ex . . . What could go wrong? 

The only thing worse than being single at my sister’s wedding is finding out that my ex will be there too. Not just any ex—the guy everyone expected me to marry, the man I came to Jackson Harbor to escape.

Now I need a date, and fast. Enter Carter Jackson—the firefighter who’s dealing with an unwanted five minutes of fame ever since a shirtless photo of him saving a puppy went viral. He’s warding off propositions left and right, and he needs a fake relationship as much as I do.

Sweet and sexy, Carter is completely off-limits. See, I have a rule. A no heartache rule. Not only is Carter my friend and a known heartbreaker, but his job as a firefighter puts him in danger daily, and that’s something I just can’t handle. 

The commitment between us might be pretend, but the passion all too real. As crazy as it makes me, I have to keep Carter at an arm’s length. Even that might not be enough to spare my heart.

Teagan and Carter have been friends for the past four years but each secretly have been attracted to each other. Now Teagan needs a date to her sisters wedding. Enter Carter. I'm new to this series and author. This is a stand alone but i think reading the other books in the series would help a lot to understand some of what's going on in this book. Teagan and Carter both are hiding some significant secrets. Teagan's ex boyfriend is invited to the wedding. There is something there that terrifies Teagan and you're left wondering throughout the book what happened and why. I like the book but some of it was a little over the top and dramatic. If the two had just spent some time talking a lot of the drama might have been avoided. 

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