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eARC Book review: Heart of Stone by Marilyn Baxter


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Another Chance

Claire Walsh had it all: a good job, wonderful parents and a fiancé who seemed to be too good to be true. And he was. Fifty feet from the altar, Claire learns the groom of her dreams is a no-show, and everything she believes about love and herself goes straight out the window. Determined to give herself space and time, she takes her honeymoon alone, and finds herself drawn to a man with a heart in worse shape than hers.

For the past five years Mac Stone has been going through the motions working with his aunt Myrna at her historic Santa Barbara B&B. He's made a life for himself, of sorts, but keeps his distance from emotional entanglements of any kind. But their newest guest, Claire Walsh is about to challenge all of that, and before Mac knows how it happened, the beautiful, vulnerable woman found a way into his heart--a heart he was certain would never love again.

Claire has waited a long time to find Mr. Right. Just when she thinks she's finally going to get that he leaves her at the alter and she finds she's been scammed. Since she paid for her honeymoon she decides to take it on her own. She's kind of fed up with men and heart broken that she can't seem to find her happiness. She arrives in California  for a stay at a Bed and Breakfast to be picked up by Mac Stone at the airport. Drunk she makes a interesting first impression on him. Mac has been just doing his thing, helping his aunt and just existing. Something tragic happened to his wife years ago and he's never fully recovered. He quit his job in NYC and moved to California. Now Claire tips his world upside down. Both struggle with what they want while getting to know each other. This was sweet and sad in parts. They individually struggle with their different pasts while growing closer the longer Claire stays. It was fun to watch them work through their issues and enjoy each other. Funny to see them try to hide what's going on between them from Mac's aunt. Like she could be fooled. Ha! The story takes place around Christmas but it by no means just a Christmas story. Another wonderful story by Marilyn Baxter. A afternoon of reading a cold winter day!

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