Thursday, December 29, 2016

eARC Book review: The Hero (Sons of Texas #1) by Donna Grant


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Owen Loughman is a highly-decorated Navy SEAL who has a thirst for action. But there’s one thing he hasn’t been able to forget – his high school sweetheart, Natalie. After over a decade away, Owen is returned home to the ranch in Texas for a dangerous new mission that puts him face-to-face with Natalie and an outside menace that threatens everything he holds dear. He’ll risk it all to keep Natalie safe – and win her heart. . . .

Natalie Dixon has had a lifetime of heartache since Owen was deployed. Fourteen years and one bad marriage later, she finds herself mixed up with the Loughman’s again. With her life on the line against an enemy she can’t fight alone, it’s Owen’s strong shoulders, smoldering eyes, and sensuous smile that she turns to. When danger closes in, she holds close to the only man she’s ever loved…

The first of a new series by Donna Grant. Three brothers in the military who have been disconnected from their father for years. Suddenly they are all brought home when their father disappears with secrets and their aunt and uncle are murdered on the family ranch. Suddenly they are caught up trying to find their dad and uncover secrets and learning more about each other than they knew.  Owen and Natalie were meant to be when they were kids then Owen graduated and headed into the Navy. Natalie eventually tried to move on but was never very successful. She swore off men but now Owen is back. Now they are thrown together to figure out what's going on with Owen's dad. Action packed this series starts off at a fast pace. We get introduced to everyone in this book and find out about Owen and Natalie and get a little of the other characters stories. Owen and Natalie are forced to work together and of course exam their feeling for each other along the way. I really liked the characters in this book and was excited to see where all the relationship would go. It started fast and exciting and was good most of the time although it did drag for me a few times. A good start to a new series. The heart of the story goes on from book to book but each book will have a brother and his significant other. Excited to see where the next book takes me!

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