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eARC Book review: Fighting For His Wife (Barefoot Bay Kindle World) by Jules Bennett


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Bestselling Author Jules Bennett invites readers into Barefoot Bay where two special people are destined to find their happily ever after.

She is determined to save him…

Escaping to Barefoot Bay was the only way Cara Prescott knew to cope with the devastating news that could end her marriage. Maybe marrying after a whirlwind affair had been a mistake…at least, that’s the excuse she’s giving her husband to justify setting him free.

He is determined to save their marriage…

Former soldier Tucker Prescott has no clue what sent his wife running back to Barefoot Bay, but he’s not letting her go that easy. He’s never given up on anything and he certainly isn’t starting with the one person who completes him. Cara Prescott is about to discover that her husband is a stronger man than she ever knew…because he’s not about to let her carry this burden alone.

This is a quick little read that will only take a evening for ambitious readers to finish. A marriage gone wrong but only one person knows why. Tucker Prescott only received a note from his wife telling him she was leaving and no explanation. Not one to let go easily he knows where to find her in Barefoot Bay. Cara received some devastating news and right after was confronted with her husband's mother who never really approved of her. Dearest mother in law made everything worse. Cara loves Tucker and only wants the very best for him and decides she's not it. Tucker is bound and determined to find out what's got his wife scared and running. He isn't going to let the best thing to ever happened to him go. Loved Tucker! I mean who wouldn't want a man who always puts you first who is always thinking of you.  It's not that Cara doesn't do the same for him. Money and prestige mean nothing to her. Tucker's family has both. She's got a huge secret that she feels will change their lives. In many ways it could if they let it. While i think Cara drags things on a little long i can understand why she does. She doesn't want to let go and she's confused. Loved the HEA at the end and would love more Tuck and Cara!

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