Tuesday, October 18, 2016

eARC Book review: Barefoot at Midnight (Barefoot Bay Timeless #3) by Roxanne St. Claire


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Available October 18th 2016

Lawson Monroe is a chef without a restaurant...until his friend and mentor makes a deathbed promise to leave Law the only dive bar on Mimosa Key. Law has big plans for the Toasted Pelican until he walks directly into the luscious body and gorgeous face of Libby Chesterfield and her outrageous claim that the bar and restaurant should come to her.

When Libby learned that the man who once owned the crappiest watering hole on the island was actually her biological father, she decided the least he owed her was his unclaimed business. The old man wasn't there for her when she and her brother were growing up in Barefoot Bay, but his legacy can help her build a new future when she transforms the property into Balance, a yoga studio. The only obstacle? Her father apparently named former bad boy and current sexy silver fox Law Monroe his heir.

Law never thought he'd want anything more than the chance to make a living cooking his food for the people of Barefoot Bay...but Libby arouses an irresistible hunger in him. Battling an attraction that sizzles hotter than one of Law's cast-iron skillets and uncovering long-buried secrets with more twists than one of Libby's yoga poses, they'll have to find a way to both get what they want...especially if what they really want is each other.

Book 3 in the Barefoot Bay Timeless series kicks off with Lawson Monroe still trying to find out who owns the Toasted Pelican. It's a bar he's supposed to have inherited but can't find the will he needs to prove it in court. He's been pecking around in the last 2 books looking and coming up empty. He's about to get a hell of a surprise about who owns it and and a jolt about his good friend who recently passed away. Something as simple as finding a will and claiming the restaurant/bar for his life's passion turns into a complicated mess. Twists and turns in the hunt for answers are abundant. Libby Chesterfield has been doubting her worth and her faith in men for years and finally gave them up. Law is not that easy to ignore though and when secrets come out he's the man for support. I love that this series focus's on men in my age group. There is life and romance after 4o and Roxanne St Claire does a great job showing us just how good it can be. There is so much baggage between Law and Libby is takes a lot for them to sort it all out and just when you think things are going to end well bamm that sneaky author throws a monkey wrench in the story and messes it all up. There's a HEA so don't worry about that. If you have read the previous 2 books in this trilogy you might think you know a thing or two about Law and Libby but you  really don't. Even if you have not read a book in this series i think you can pick this up and go with it. 

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