Tuesday, October 11, 2016

eARC Book review:Rocky Mountain Devil (Six Pack Ranch #10) by Vivian Arend


eARC Provided by author
Available Sept 20th 2016

The sweetest part of temptation is giving in…

Raphael (Angel) Coleman and Laurel Sitko were thick as thieves throughout their school years. The unlikely friendship between the rancher’s son and the preacher’s daughter might have gone unnoticed by most, but their shared laughter and connection were the best parts of Rafe's life growing up. Now that she’s returned to Rocky, he’s eager to move from friend to something far more intimate.

After three years away, Laurel’s ready to start over with the gorgeous cowboy who’s always owned a piece of her heart. But when her college ex shows up in town, she’s got a lot more to deal with than expected, including one suddenly possessive cowboy determined to protect her even as he tutors her through every sexual lesson in the book.

Desire flares hotter and hotter through stolen moments and willing seduction. But when tragedy strikes, Rafe’s left on shaky ground, his biggest fear now a reality that could tear them apart and rip forever from their grasp.

Will the connection forged by time be strong enough to see them through to the other side?

Rafe and Laurel have been friends since the first day they met as kids. In trouble together more than a little often too. After being away from each other for three years Laurel comes back and the two decide it's time to see where their friendship might lead them. Only problem is Laurel comes back with secrets and a ex-boyfriend follows her too. The majority of this book is filled with Rafe and Laurel finding out if they can have a relationship that's more than just friends. Each is dealing with family issues and secrets and fears. It's a nice read until the last 20% when things get heated and secrets come out and fears become real. Then is sizzles! Rafe questions whether he's good enough for Laurel and Laurel finally deals with the past 3 years of her life. Love the Six Pack family and have enjoyed this series over the years since book one. Look forward to finding out Jessie's story next. Some of his secrets are revealed in this story to Rafe and it's going to be interesting for sure. 

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