Sunday, July 17, 2016

Book review: First Night (Hauberk Protection 0.5) by Leah Braemel


Was it the excitement of the New Year or stubborn pride that drove Jodi Tyler to challenge her boss? But when the clock strikes midnight, and the ball drops on Times Square, has Jodi Tyler won the bet or lost her heart?

This short story is a prequel to Private Property, book 1 in the Hauberk Protection series. First Night was originally released in December 2008 as part of Samhain's Holiday stories. It has been doubled in length and re-edited from the original version.

This is a quick little novella to introduce you to Mark and Jodi the main characters in the first book in this series. Mark is the overworked boss and it's New Years Eve. Jodi has the hots for said boss and with the encouragement of a friend decides to to make Mark relax at the company New Years Eve party. While this book let me meet Mark and Jodi it also sets you up for book one is this series with a little background on both characters and Sam who makes his appearance in book one as well. An exciting sexy read you can read in one evening. Leave you smiling. 

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