Monday, April 4, 2016

ARC Book review: The Hitwoman Hires a Manny (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #11) by J.B. Lynn


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Inept hitwoman Maggie Lee has a lot to juggle. 

She’s about to start a new job, her niece, Katie, who she is responsible for, is finally coming home from the hospital, and her ever “helpful” aunt has hired someone to help with her care.

Fresh out of the Navy, Angel Delveccio is not anyone’s idea of a typical nanny. 

Which is convenient, considering Maggie’s life is anything but typical. 

With the help of her snarky lizard, moody cat, and goofy dog, Maggie tries to solve the cold case of her sister’s disappearance, while contending with the present day threat of a violent ex-con, all while playing instant “mom” and trying to ease Katie’s transition into her new home. 

Can Maggie juggle it all? Or will all of these distractions prove to be deadly? 

Poor Maggie she can't catch a break. For every good thing that happens to her there seems to be something bad to come along with it. Author JB Lynn juggles characters in this series with incredible skill. The twists and turns her mind orchestrates are interesting and humorous. I know i am going to laugh when i read a books in this series.  The Hitwoman hires a Manny is not a exception. Maggie is finally bringing her niece home. In all she has to prepare to do that you know it can't be a simple thing. Her aunt helps out by hiring a new friend to be the nanny for Katie or in this case the manny. Angel is not just your typical manny. He comes with some secrets.  Maggie has to juggle two or three things while getting things ready or she might actually get to relax for once. JB Lynn gives us a little bit of insight into Maggie's life like always in this book and still gives us more mystery. She's has a way of keeping her audience guessing.  Exciting from page one to "The End" The Hitwoman Hires a Manny is a exciting page turner.

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