Thursday, September 4, 2014

ARC Book review: Single Man Meets Single Mom by Jules Bennett

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From player to…daddy? 

Hollywood agent Ian Schaffer could have his pick of gorgeous women. So he's totally thunderstruck by the intensity of his attraction to horse trainer Cassie Barrington. The single mom, with her luscious curves and unadorned beauty, is so much hotter than the bombshells he's used to. But it's her vulnerability and passion that the jaded player finds utterly irresistible—and that sets off alarm bells, because Ian's as commitment-shy as they come. A woman with a child is absolutely off-limits! Too bad the voluptuous mom has Ian aching to break all his old rules…

If you read Jules Bennett's "When Opposites Attract" you will recognize a couple of the secondary characters in this book. Cassie Barrington was a secondary in that book and now she comes to the forefront to tell us her story. When agent Ian Schaffer shows up at the Barrington estate to check in with his client and star of the a movie being filmed there Cassie literally falls into his arms. Sparks fly between the two of them right away. The two seems to get along until Ian finds out she has a child. Thinking the wrong things about Cassie he puts the brakes on any relationship that might have had. His past experience with a mother who was single and spent all her spare time finding new men and no time with Ian growing up he casts Cassie wrongly in the same light. Cassie being a single mom and what she feels is a bit frumpy and no where near the glamorous women she thinks Ian's used to.  Just to throw another player in the mix Cassie's ex-husband shows up after walking out on her 10 months ago and never trying to see his daughter wanting them both back. Wanting the life he through away back. This is one of those quick fast reads. You can read it in one evening in one sitting. Jules Bennett gives you a full book feeling in a little less than 200 pages. Just the right size for when you just want to get lost in a book for a while.

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