Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book review: Caught in the Spotlight (Hollywood #1) by Jules Bennett

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A True Hollywood Love Story?Who's the exotic beauty on the arm of mega-hot ladies' man Bronson Dane? Word is she's Mia Spinelli, recently rumored to be the mistress of her former boss—and Bronson's longtime industry rival. Now she's the personal assistant to Bronson's mother. Is Mia getting "personal" with Bronson, too? He's been spotted escorting her into a Hollywood doctor's office, and Mia has a noticeable baby bump. Has the sultry assistant managed to get under the playboy producer's skin—and into his bed?

This is a true Hollywood kind of story. Lots of Drama and intrigue, secrets and sex! Mia is a sweet innocent girl but her beauty gets her in trouble when working for one brother( Anthony) proves scandalous because the press make it seem like she's having an affair.  Even if the relationship is honest she leaves  to protect her friendship with Anthony and if possible his marriage. She finds herself working for a Hollywood actress who is a icon and falls into a relationship with Anthony's brother Bronson. To bad Bronson doesn't know his rival in Hollywood is actually his brother. After a wonderful week together Mia find Bronson is to busy for her and then later she finds out she's pregnant. Now what? Bronson was suspicious of her supposed affair with Anthony and what she's might be after by coming work for his mother. Now with this sudden pregnancy he makes comparisons to the last time a woman said she was pregnant with his baby. Mia is a strong and proud woman though and tells his flat out she doesn't want anything from him and doesn't need anything from him. Her heart wants him but she's more concerned about the child she will have and that comes first.  The story has a very Hollywood style vibe to it that fits right in with the idea behind the story. If it didn't have all the secrets and cynicism would wonder why it doesn't.  Bronson's past experiences shape his views on life and love and he has to try very hard to overcome that and see what he might have in front of him. Mia's parents were killed when she was just 5 and it's not been a easy life since. She sees this at her chance for a family. She would love to include Bronson in that but she won't do anything that won't protect her baby either.  I enjoyed this fast paced read and liked the attention to detail Bronson had in the little things when he attempts to get know Mia better. His struggle to believe is a real one and not overly rushed.  The characters are strong and interesting and draw you through the story. 4 out of 5 stars for Caught in the Spotlight by Jules Bennett.

Find out more about Jules Bennett and her work on her website here www.julesbennett.com

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