Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book review:Hunger Awakened (Vampire Hunger #2) by Dee Carney

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There’s something inside of him, some dormant part that’s been awakened. And now it wants to be set free…

Something’s wrong with Sebastian Kent. Already considered an outsider in the vampire community as a half-vampire, half-something else, he’ll do everything in his power to hide his weakness. But when sickness strikes, he has no choice but to turn to a human for help—a woman whose touch provides his only relief.

Alice Bowman is hiding her own illness, one that has left her homeless. When she comes to Bast’s aid, she doesn’t expect to be thrust into the world of vampires. But he offers her refuge and a job researching his family history in the hope of finding a clue to his mysterious affliction. She can’t resist his offer of protection—and the chance to spend more time with the man who arouses her every desire.

But as Bast and Alice’s hunger for each other grows, so does the power of Bast’s unexplained half. And soon his unknown past and her uncertain future threaten to keep them apart forever….

Sebastian Kent has a problem. He is a vampire. Ok well that's not the problem the problem he is only half vampire. He doesn't know what the other half of him is. He's been trying to figure it out forever. He's also the head of guard who protects the Vampire Council and if they find out he's toast.  Alice Bowman is sick like really sick. Down on her luck, no money and no place to live. Literally eating out of trash cans when she happens upon Sebastian.  Sebastian or "Bast" and he calls himself in the book starts getting violently sick. He's not really sure what's going on. Alice takes cares of him and gets him home and next thing you know there is a connection being made and Bast must keep Alice close to keep his symptoms at bay. Somehow her being around and touching him and kissing him helps get rid of the symptoms he's having.  Bast find he can't get enough of Alice and wants to keep her forever but he doesn't know that something is really wrong health wise with Alice.  I can't give a lot of details  without giving to much away. Bast will eventually figure out what his other half is and you can guess before he figures it out. The relationship between him and Alice is interesting because she is so fragile yet really comes across as a strong woman. As big and brawny and alpha as he is he needs Alice. The writing in this book draws you in and and pulls you through. I enjoyed the main characters as well as the secondary characters.  Good solid read for me. 4 out of 5 stars for Hunger Awakened by Dee Carney.

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