Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book review: Return to Sender by Annabeth Albert

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Jack Donovan and Bree Hendricks have been in hot competition since their school days, whether it’s tussling over the best apartment or bickering over local leash laws. Bree has never turned down a challenge, so when her new toy in its brown paper packaging is delivered to Jack’s doorstep by mistake, it’s the perfect opportunity for a game of truth or dare. 

Bree is determined to set a good example for her teenage daughter, and that means no flirting, no flings and definitely no one night stands. But a bout of saucy cybersex demonstrating her new dildo…there’s no danger in that. Unless Bree allows her heart to become involved.

This was the first book I have read by the author Annabeth Albert. Wasn't sure what to expect but was happily surprised! Jack and Bree have been in competition for something it seems forever. Annabeth feels she slipped up and made a mistake getting pregnant young, getting married to the guy and messed missing college to take care of her infant daughter not that she regrets having the baby. Since then though she's determined to be a good example to her daughter. That means no more mistakes. Jack would be a mistake but he is a big temptation. Jack might appear like a whatever go with the flow guy who chases anything in a skirt but Bree hurt him years ago in high school. He's always respected her and the way she's always taken care of her daughter but she doesn't see it. Finally his chance comes when a package that embarrasses Bree ends up in his hands and he takes advantage of it.  He plays a little game with her to get her to see what she means to him but it takes her a while to get it. This is a sassy sexy story. A whole lot of hot. 5 out 5 stars for Return to Sender by Annabeth Albert. If you haven't read this author you need to check this out.

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