Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review: Leave No Trace (Black Ops Inc 5.5 novella) by Cindy Gerard


Reissue from anthology Deadly Promises.
December 2012
David Cavanaugh is tired of his undercover work for the CIA. He desperately wants to retire but when a colleague (Wyatt Savage; Risk No Secrets) asks Cav to find his missing friend (Carrie Granger) he reluctantly agrees. Cav arrives in Myanmar where he discovers Carrie has been caught up in a bungled arrest. To cover up their mistake the government has thrown her in their ruby mines where she labors as a virtual slave. To free her Cav must pretend to work with the corrupt government in Myanmar. Can Carrie learn to trust him or will this rescue mission end in tragedy for them both?

If you have read the BOI or Black Ops Inc. series from Cindy Gerard you have met David Cavanaugh. David is better known simply as Cav. Long time friends and former coworkers of Wyatt Savage and Joe Green both on the BOI team.  In Whisper No Lies (book 3 and my favorite!) Cav helps the guys save the heroine in that book. Now he's thinking he's done with the CIA he wants out. Right about that time Wyatt calls desperate for his help. His friend Carrie is missing in a country that doesn't care for women's rights. He can't so no so off he goes. This is a short but fast paced book. Still has all the thrill factors the other full books in this series had and the hunky guy and tough but vulnerable girl and steamy sex scenes. I'm so glad we got to see a bit more of Cav. He comes  off as pretty slick and put together in the previous book he appeared in but we find out he's not as perfect as he seems. Loved this book but as always with a really good novella you wish it had been longer. Have to add it was nice to have a really quick visit with some of the other BOI guys too! 5 out of 5 stars for Leave No Trace by Cindy Gerard.

PS i found this novella after reading Killing Time and checking out her website. Great place to find out about the BOI series and the new One Eyed-Jack series. Book 1 in that series was reviewed here yesterday. 

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  1. I still have no idea what the book is about because I keep staring at the cover and forgetting to read, LOL! But I bet the story is great!!

  2. lol It is good but you have to read the series to get the backstory on Cav. It's worth going back and reading them all. One of my favorite RS series.