Sunday, February 7, 2010

TBR or in other words the To be read pile

TBR, do you have one? Most people who read do. I had a decent size one about 100 books but in the last few months it's taken on a bigger size of about 200 to 250. I haven't counted. Not sure if I'll read all of them or trade some. Most were free or almost free. I have a great library i use that sells their used largely donated books very cheap. About twice a year they have a book sale and then they are even cheaper and what's left is free. Can't beat free. I always pick up a bag full of smaller Harlequin books for my mother in law although i enjoy them myself too. Lately I've been working on my TBR pile and well also trying to finish up finding and reading one of my favorite authors.  If you know me i have a list of authors that i adore. That list occasionally grows when i find someone else i can't get enough of. Once they're on my list i try to read everything they've written. Not so easy with some authors like Nora Roberts who have written so many books. Let's see if i were to make a written list of favorites they'd have to include:
Nora Roberts
Julie Garwood
Christine Feehan
JR Ward
Susan Mallery
Linda Lael Miller
If they write a book i'm going to read it. I finally read every book that Christine Feehan has written and i am working on Julie Garwood not counting books she's written as Emily Chase. Getting all Nora Roberts books written might very well take me years there are so many. I've been working my way thru Susan Mallery and Linda Lael Miller.  If you have noticed some of these authors write quite different genre's but i like that because i like to mix it up some. You can only read so much paranormal no matter how good it is until you need a little basic romance.

My TBR (to be read) pile contains quite a few Nora Roberts books. Like i said I'll be reading her forever trying to catch up. I read her new ones when they come out though. I really like the Bride Quartet series she is working on now. Besides Nora though I have a pile of Susan Wiggs, Linda Howard who is working her way on to my favorite list. LOVED Mr Perfect! Let's see we also have Christy Reece who is a newer authors with some awesome series out there and Victoria Dahl who is almost on my fav list. Her new release Lead me on should be awesome if i can every find it in the store to buy it. How about Jane Porter. wonderful writer and person.  I have tons more authors and books that's just who comes to mind. Who is on your TBR pile. How about a wish list? Have one of those? Tell me about your TBR pile/Wish list in the comments section. Who is on your list and how many books are on it. Perhaps i can find some more books to add to my list then!

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