Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reviw: Lead me on by Victoria Dahl

Wow Lead me on out finally! This is the third book in the Tumble Creek series by Victoria Dahl. The first book was called Talk me Down and the 2nd book Start me UP! I started out with the second book because a friend of mine gave it to me. Totally loved it so i searched out Victoria Dahl's website to see what else she had. Of course i found out it was a series and went out in search of the first book. The first one was just as good and the second. Just the right mix of everything. Sex, humor and a story to go with it. Lead me On is the last in the series and just came out this month. I had a hard time finding it here in the rural area i live but got lucky that someone donated it to the local library and they put it out with the used books to sell. Lucky me! Wow Lead me on is full of hot sex so if your offended by that it's not for you but the story starts with Jane Morgan as the assistant to Quinn Jennings from Start me up. She is prim and proper and a little on the cold side. Then in walks William Chase. He is big and tall, 6'4" and tough with a sexy tattoo. Instant attraction! Here is a excerpt so you can get a idea of what i'm talking about.

The wrong man just might be her perfect fit...

Primal attraction is a big red flag to prim and proper office manager, Jane Morgan. After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison jumpsuit orange, Jane changed her name, her look and her taste for bad boys. So why is she lusting for William Chase with his tattoo-covered biceps, steel-toed boots and unadulterated sex appeal? The man blows things up for a living!

She gives herself one explosive, fantasy-filled night with Chase. The next day, it’s back to plain Jane and safe men.But when her beloved brother becomes a murder suspect, and her lawyer ex-boyfriend won’t help, Jane turns to Chase. And she discovers a man who’s been around the block knows a thing or two about uncovering all kinds of truths.

You can go to Victoria Dahls website here to read a bit more from the book.

I suggest you start with Talk me down if you haven't read then move on to Start me up before going on to Lead me on. All the characters are interconnected thru the books. Nice set of three for reading without being to heavy. I give it 4 and 1/2 Modokker stars. Check it out.

Next up is Nalini Singh's new book Archangels Kiss. You can check it out by clicking here.

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