Wednesday, May 26, 2021

eARC Book review: Smoke & Mirrors (Forged in Fire #2) by Skye Jordan


eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley
Available May 31st 2021

I’m taking a break from women. I’ve been lied to once too often, and I’m over it.
Then Isabel, my best friend’s little sister, blows into town without notice, bringing the past with her. Her secret past.

From the moment she crashes poker night and hustles the whole firehouse out of a couple hundred bucks, I know she’s not telling the truth about why she’s here.

Lies have influenced my entire life. They’ve also torn my world apart too many times already.

But by the time the truth comes out, she’s tangled around my heart like barbed wire, and there’s no way out unscathed.

Isabel rolls into town on her very last dime. Scammed by her ex-boyfriend and living a lie for years she's back in her hometown. Her life a mess. Logan's sister Maya was Isabel's best friend. That friendship ended years ago when Isabel left town and cut ties. Logan's been burned before and trust is a serious issue for him. He's always been attracted to Isabel and her being back brings out those feeling but he senses she's hiding something and he'd be right. I like Isabel and Logan but they drove me nuts at time. Isabel didn't out and out lie but she omitted a lot and distracted to avoid. Logan had reason to not trust her completely. Logan had been taken advantage of before but come one you can't paint every women you meet with the same brush. Took a while to get their act together but watching it happen was enjoyable. Both were good people but needed to communicate and open up with each other. There was the right amount of humor to balance out the drama. I did not read book one in this series but you don't have to to enjoy this book. It definitely stands on it own. Isabel's brother Tucker is a bit of a little shit so we'll see if he soon get some growing up time in a future book. I look forward to that. I haven't read a Skye Jordan book in a while and this was definitely a great book to dive back in with.

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