Saturday, May 8, 2021

eARC Book review: Second Chance Love Song (Dynasties: Beaumont Bay #2) by Jessica Lemmon

Available May 25th
eARC Provided by author 

There’s no place like Nashville for discovering all the secrets your ex has been keeping.

He chose country music over the one who got away.
Well, now she’s back…

Country music star Cash Sutherland is too successful for his own good. Seen as a bad boy in need of redeeming, he and his label are doing all they can to revamp his reputation. They’ve even hired eager journalist Presley Cole, who’s ready and willing to print the cover story that will make both their careers. The only problem? She’s the woman he left behind, and she’s not ready to forgive him for breaking her heart…

Cash and Presley used to have a thing in college until Cash left to start his music career and left Presley behind with a broken heart. Now Presley is in a position to find her dream and Cash can make that happen if she can find out the secret of who his number one song is about. While spending time at Cash's home to interview him and put a news piece together for her boss feelings rekindle. I love the Sutherland brothers. They are close knit family of four who razz each other but also have each others backs. This book is part of a 4 book series by two authors. Do yourself a favor and start with book one. These can be read alone but I think reading them in order will really enhance your enjoyment.  Presley and Cash were young when they started but still seems to be repeating the past. Loved how the two authors writing this series has so far seamlessly made this series flow together. This was one of those books you don't want to put down until you hit the last page.

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