Saturday, July 25, 2020

eARC Book review: The Rebellious Rancher (The Millers of Morgan Valley #3) by Kate Pearce

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Available July 28th 2020
eARC provided by publisher through Netgalley

Attachment to the land, hard work, and community, sets the folks of Morgantown apart from the everyday, and always brings them back to the ranch—where they might even find love . . .

After his father decides to leave the ranch to his older brother, usually calm, steadfast Ben Miller struggles to deal with his resentment. When he’s invited to develop a trail riding experience on the Morgans’ dude ranch, Ben jumps at the chance. Soon he’s assigned a mysterious client, an actress whose family secretly wants her removed from influences in LA. Ben’s determined to teach her to fend for herself. But he quickly discovers she’s more than a pampered pretty face . . .

Silver Meadow believes she’s preparing for a serious dramatic role—one that will free her from her controlling parents. She’s certainly not going to be controlled by Ben, especially when he takes her out in the middle of nowhere to learn how to survive. Yet gradually, far from her cell phone, Silver begins to open up to him about her life—and finds they have more in common than they thought. Soon a romance blossoms—but can a jet-setting movie star and a homebody cowboy find the best of both worlds?

Ben Miller doesn't know where his place is in the family. He's a little lost. When the Morgan family offers him a job as a guide for a mystery person. The mystery person being Silver Meadows a well known actress who needs to learn how to survive in the wild for a movie role. The longer out on the trail the closer they get even though they are so opposite of each other. I liked the first half of the book a lot. I enjoyed the trail ride part and how they got together. The whole time i wondered how it was going to work out when that all ended. They are really from two different worlds.  The second part was ok but Silver's dad is annoying and overbearing and so is Ben's. It was all kind of awkward is places. It was a ok read that started off strong but i struggled to keep reading the second part of the book. 

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