Wednesday, November 1, 2017

ebook review: Own It (Wolfshead Whiskey) by Elisabeth Barrett


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Aidan Phelan has finally gained control over Wolfshead, his family’s craft brewery and distillery, but there’s one catch—his curvy firecracker of an ex-wife has also inherited a share. It was Aidan’s stubborn pride that destroyed their marriage to begin with, and now he has a daily reminder of that failure strutting around in sexy heels and pencil skirts. But he has bigger problems—namely establishing himself as CEO by successfully launching Wolfshead’s new whiskey without his family driving him insane.

Emma Crandall is shocked when she finds out she’s part-owner of Aidan’s family business, the company that drove a wedge between the two of them. Aidan offers to buy her out, but she’s not biting. She’s just started up a freelance marketing consulting business, and working with Wolfshead could open the door to bigger and better clients. Besides, it’s high time she proved to herself that she can handle her arrogant ex, even if he is big, bearded, and hot as hell.

Forced to work together, Aidan and Emma must confront their darkest fears and deepest desires. But owning Wolfshead comes with a price neither of them anticipated…their hearts.

First in a new series it's always exciting to see the beginning. The Phelan's are a crazy but bunch of alpha males trying to run a craft brewery and distillery without killing each other. Aidan is the oldest of the bunch but just barely. He's definitely head alpha and wants everyone to know it. He gave up a promising career and a major league baseball player when his dad and his dad's twin brother were killed in a car accident to come home and help run the company. He constantly butted heads with his grandfather until he passed away. In his grandfather's will was one surprise he didn't expect. A share of the company going to his ex-wife Emma.  Emma decided to stick it out and be a part of the business. They of course butt heads as again Aidan is the head alpha and needs to have his way. You know i did not like Aidan much at all. He definitely had to grow on me and until he saw what he screwed up with Emma, TWICE, i didn't care for him one bit. Thanks god he saw the error of his ways. I'm like the other brothers and cousins and am interested to see who they will be. Book two releases in November. Can't wait to see what happens with Aidan's cousin Brody.

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