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eARC Book review: Want It (Wolfshead Whiskey #2) by Elisabeth Barrett


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Brody Phelan has his hands full keeping the peace between his six brothers and cousins and managing the finances for Wolfshead, his family’s brewery and distillery. He’s gladly sacrificed his own happiness in order to help his family, but from the moment he sees feisty, curvy Juliette Costa he wants to claim her for his own. Too bad their clans are at war and Juliette sees him as the enemy.

Juliette wants one thing–to open up her own wine bar. Problem is she can’t get the project started while she’s constantly helping with her family’s business, dodging her relatives’ misguided efforts to fix her up, and cleaning up her brothers’ messes…which frequently involves some wheeling and dealing with the sexy, bearded CFO next door.

When their tentative alliance morphs into something deeper, things get complicated. Together, Brody and Juliette will have to decide whether they only want a business-with-benefits relationship…or whether they trust each other enough for something more.

Book 2 in the Wolfshead Whiskey series brings us Brody Phelen. The guy who fixes things and keeps the peace. Juliette Costa is the Italian girl who works next door and her family and Brody's are enemies. Problem is Brody is attracted to Juliette and even though she won't really admit it to Brody she is attracted to him too. I loved loved loved Brody! I liked Juliette as well but there was something about Brody. These two were amazing together. Both have some hurts in their hearts but they help each other through it. It's all going well til her family finds out. That's when everything crashes down for Juliette and Brody. Love the Phelan family. So far Brody is my favorite but each other them are so different and interesting. Elisabeth Barrett draws you in with the connections and secrets and loyalty the Phelan's have with each other. I believe you can read this as a stand alone but it if course is much better if you read book one first. Excited to see which one of the Phelan's are next. Don't miss out!

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