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eARC Book review: Promise Me Forever (Barefoot Bay Kindle World) by Jules Bennett


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a Kindle World novella

Nobody likes a blind date…

Dance instructor Katie Foster embarks on a trip in Mimosa Key to oversee the renovations on her aunt’s historic home. All she expects is sun, sand, a little dance, and a few fruity cocktails. What she didn’t expect is coming face to face with her past. Roman Grant, all of the hopeful, passionate, devastating feelings from eight years ago come flooding back. But Katie is stronger. Smarter. She also has a secret—one, if Roman knew, that would end their affair before the next sunset.

Especially with an ex…

An out of town job in on a picturesque island promised long days of hard work followed by nights in paradise. Roman sure as hell doesn’t expect paradise to come in the form of his ex-wife. Katie looks great, feels better, and once he gets another taste of her lips, Roman knows he’ll do anything to win her back. Now that he’s working on her aunt’s home, this gives him the exact angle he needs.

But will this time lead to forever…

The more he pursues her, the farther Katie retreats. Roman succeeds in getting her into his bed, but there’s something she’s not telling him. There’s no way he’ll pass up a shot at a second chance with Katie. Once upon a time, he vowed to stay with her forever. It’s past time to make good on his promise.

I don't often hang out in the Kindle Worlds but they are often a lot of fun. All you need is a favorite series that has a Kindle World and read. Jules Bennett is delving into Roxanne St Claire's Kindle World with her Barefoot Bay series. Authors get to play in the world but make up their own story. These are easily stand alone stories. Promise Me Forever is a second chance story. Katie Foster is escaping to her aunts house for a bit while she wait to see if her new adventure is going to work out. A dance studio for children. Waiting to see is she'll get the loan she needs she agrees to oversee the renovations on her aunt's house. Roman Grant is the guy doing the work and surprise also Katie's ex-husband. They haven't seen each other in years but sparks fly between them anyway. Watching these two figure out if they can take another shot at forever was fun. I so loved Roman. You can read this in one evening and do nothing but sit back and enjoy!

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