Monday, March 6, 2017

eARC Book review:Sebastian's Castle by Lisa DeVore


Available March 8, 2017
eARC Provided by author

Being married to a cop is hard, being the widow of one is harder. After Brynn Austin’s husband, Nate, was murdered in an undercover operation, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the gang leader who killed him. Brynn refuses to let him kill their dream to renovate an old Connecticut castle. But her plan is hampered by a ghost who’s not ready to give up his home.

Contractor Jaxson Maddox signs on to renovate the old castle that’s sat empty for years. He didn’t believe the rumors about the place being haunted. But that was before he met the resident ghost. What Jax didn’t sign on for was trouble in the form of falling for the beautiful widow, dealing with a pesky ghost, and risking his life when a threat from Brynn’s past surfaces. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means becoming a ghost himself

Brynn is moving into what amounts to a castle. It was was a dream of her and her late husband to renovate it and open it up again. Even though her husband died before they could even move in Brynn is going to bring their dream to life. Couple problems. The castle is haunted and the gang leader who killed her husband might be after her for something her husband took from him. Lucky for her the contractor she hired, Jaxson Maddox used to be a cop in the military and he's attracted to her so he wants her safe. There's a interesting mix of things going on in this book. Brynn is working through her grief over her husband's death while also grappling with her attraction for Jaxson. There's a ghost and a bad guy as well. An interesting and different read for me. Loved Jaxson. Definitely a alpha male but a protective one who takes his time with Brynn and gives her space to work through things. Brynn was slightly annoying. Jaxson wanted to her help her but she was a little hot and cold. Thankfully he had plenty of patience. The wrap up of this book is what most people i think would like to see happen but doesn't often happen in books. 

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