Tuesday, November 8, 2016

eARC Book review: Holiday Baby Scandal (Mafia Moguls #3) by Jules Bennett


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'Tis the season…for an unexpected baby surprise… 

Taken in at a young age, Ryker Barrett owes the O'Shea family everything. Which means his "little sister" Laney is way off-limits…no matter how seductive the brunette beauty is! She's the one woman he can't have a casual fling with…so how in the hell did he end up in her bed? 

Laney knows the dangerous Ryker is the perfect man for her no matter how hard he resists. But when one night of unbridled passion leaves Laney pregnant with his child, she'll need a Christmas miracle to convince him that loving her won't destroy his place in her overprotective family.

Finally the last O'Shea is going to get her man. Even if the man in question is kind of her brother. What? Ok he's not really her brother but he did spend part of his childhood growing up with her brothers and her as the little sister he mostly ignored. Well she's not a little girl anymore. There are 10 years in age and a different family background between them but Laney and Ryker are attracted to each other. Ryker has been fighting it for years but with one slip up Laney ends up pregnant and that's when he starts to unravel. He still doesn't make it easy for her. Loved these two and the build up from previous books makes you salivate to finally see what happens when they do get together. Ryker thinks he owes everything to the O'Shea's for taking him on when he was 12 and he's done a lot for them. They've fully accepted him as part of the family but even still he thinks he isn't worthy of Laney. Love the push pull is takes to get him to see the light. There is a thread of suspense in this book and the series as they've been on search for missing scrolls and someone is hacking in their computers for the business. Enjoyable and thrilling read from cover to cover. A great evenings worth of reading.

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