Tuesday, August 23, 2016

eARC book review: Dirty Little Lies (Men of Summer #3) by Lora Leigh

Available August 30th 2016
eARC Provide by publisher through Netgalley

Zack Richards knows he’s asking for trouble. Trying to protect a member of the notorious Maddox family could get a man killed—even a battle-scarred, muscle-ripped alpha like Zack. But the woman who has captured his wildest fantasies is nothing like the rest of her power-hungry clan. She’s innocent, beautiful, and has quickly become the one shining light in his dark, desperate world. The only woman worth fighting for…and dying for…
Her name is Grace Maddox—and everybody knows that she is a marked woman. Targeted for her family’s sins and hunted like a wild animal, Grace has no choice but to accept Zack’s protection. In his arms, she finally feels safe. In his eyes, she sees an insatiable desire that mirrors her own. But the truth is dangerous—and could end up tearing them apart. Will surrendering to Zack end up being the biggest mistake of Grace’s life?
Zack Richards has loved Grace Maddox since she was only 5 and her father was killed. He's looked out for her ever since and at the same time gave her the cold shoulder and his disdain. No more of that. Now he has to protect her and keep her alive while trying to figure out who the traitor is. While enjoyed this book i was confused more often than not. It felt like the book starts out in the middle of a scene and i am totally lost as to what the backstory is and what is going on. There needed to be some back story even if was told in previous books. There are to many secondary characters to keep track of everything. Somehow i still enjoyed the book. I focused on the relationship between the two main characters and a few of more major characters and just let the other characters go. No other way to read it. There is just enough interest for me to think about reading the next book in the series. 
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