Friday, June 17, 2016

eARC The Hitwoman Under Pressure ( Hitwoman #15) by J.B. Lynn


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Maggie Lee's dedication to her family knows no limits. 

Even though her life is in chaos, she'll take any chance to repair her fractured family. 

All she has do is:
Get out of the loony bin
Eliminate the killer who’s hunting her sister
Make sure her family doesn’t go off the rails (yup, this one’s the toughest)

Thankfully she’s got the help of an ex-lover, a conman, and a sexy sailor, along with her psychic friend, her loyal, but bickering, pets, and her favorite mob boss.

If only she could rely on them to help her stop the man who wants her sister dead. With two hitmen already killed for going after him, Maggie could use all the help she can get. 

Maggie’s skills (and sanity) are put to the test and the stakes have never been higher.

This was a read in one sitting book for me. If that isn't a endorsement for a book i don't know what is. Maggie Lee is always having a crazy and full day with a lot of interesting characters in her life.  Those would include animals who can talk to her. I don't know what to say to describe one of these books except to say it's a full whirlwind of laughs and drama and crazy things happening and hot guys. Exciting from page one to finish. It's so unpredictable and there is just no way to know where the author is going. These books read fast because they are so good and fast moving. Don't want to have to think to hard and want to just enjoy a book with a smile? This series is for you. Hate to see this book end and can't wait to see what Maggie gets into next.

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