Tuesday, June 14, 2016

eARC Book review: Face the Music by Lisa DeVore


Available June 24th 2016
eARC provided by author

Braden Brandish was on top of the world as guitarist for the famed rock band Edge of Redemption. But an attack at the scene of a fire erased all his memories. 

Firefighter Quinn Callahan is haunted by the victim she resuscitated—she knows him from somewhere, but can't place him. She checks up on him at the hospital and realizes he's a member of her favorite band. When Braden mistakenly believes she's his wife, the doctor encourages her to play along in order to prevent jeopardizing his health. 

Desire blooms between them, even once Braden learns he's not really married to Quinn. But when it's discovered that the fire was actually arson, and more deadly fires erupt, the two are thrust into danger...and it appears Quinn's fugitive ex-husband might be involved. Will Braden regain his memory in time to put a killer behind bars?

Quinn Callahan is a rare female firefighter. Facing down people for years about her career choice it's not always easy to do her job. Saving a man who is a stranger to her but somehow familiar gets her in a situation that at times is funny and at times scary. Braden Brandish is found at the scene of a arson house fire. He doesn't remember who he is at first doesn't know why he is there or anything before waking up in a hospital room. for some reason when Quinn comes to check on him at the hospital though he is sure she is his wife. Things get a little more crazier from there. This book is a spin off of sorts from a previous book  "Beautiful Music". I don't think you necessarily need to read this book to understand this one but it would be a good place to start if you like to keep things in order when you read. Quinn and Braden try to find their way to each other in this book and it is not a easy thing to do. Braden is fighting with his memory loss and Quinn her conscious and self worth. Braden is a celebrity is a famous rock band and known playboy. In between all this is a arsonist on the loose. There's some romance, some drama and some suspense and these two figure out who they are and what they might be together.  At times it seemed a bit slow and confusing but the romance is there and the suspense was good.  Just when you think you know who the arsonist is you don't. I have reviewed a couple of books from this author and with each one i see growth. Can't wait to see what is next.

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