Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ARC Book review: A WOOF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING (Matchmaker series #4) by J.B. Lynn

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While investigating the disappearance of a psychic matchmaker, Detective Brian Griswald meets dog trainer Stephanie Browne, a beautiful woman who can be just as prickly as the rescue mutts she works with. 

Like her dogs, Stephanie’s not quick to trust, which is why she rejects the charming detective when he tries to pursue a relationship with her, but when Brian is dragged into a case involving Stephanie’s beloved dogs, the two must work together to find the truth. 

Solving the mystery proves challenging for both of them and dangerous for Stephanie. Can Brian and a canine cavalry save her before it’s too late? 

A Woof is Sheep's Clothing is part of a spinoff series from JB Lynn's Hitwoman series. You don't necessarily have to read that series to read this book but it does add to the enjoyment if you have. Several Character's from the Hitwoman series show up in these books. Det. Brian Griswald is trying to find Armani  Vasquez. It  seems she might possibly be missing. Armani is the physic that tries to also match people up romantically. She's a little out there but Brian still likes her even if he doesn't believe her. Stephanie Browne is a dog trainer who volunteers at a dog shelter as well. They meet when Brian stops by where she works to inquire about Armani since it was possibly the last place she was seen. Although the two butt heads at first there is something about Stephanie that keeps Brian trying to crack that tough outer shell around Stephanie. When Armani is found safe and sound and still cryptic. Brian finds another mystery to solve where Stephanie works when one of  Stephanie's dogs gets accused of biting someone and Stephanie finds herself in harms way.  JB Lynn gives us another quick, fun and exciting read. If you like to sit and be able to read an entire book in one sitting this book fits the bill. It leaves you with a smile on your face too and hoping for more.

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