Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ARC Book review: The Hitwoman's Act of Contrition (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman, #10) by J.B. Lynn

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Imagine a high-strung, comfort loving hitwoman at a rustic spiritual retreat. 

Things are finally looking up for Maggie Lee. 

Her almost-lover Patrick is taking steps (albeit deadly ones) to insure they’ll have a future together, her niece Katie is about to be released from the hospital, her sister Marlene has stopped turning tricks and started tossing pizzas, and Maggie has a chance to land a new (legal) job. 

If only God would stop hounding her to apologize to her mother, Maggie would be pretty close to content with her life. 

When Maggie agrees to take out a new target, using a spiritual retreat as her cover story, she ends up with a spoon (long story), an odd, selectively mute roommate, and a chance to save a life. 

As Maggie struggles to balance all the important people in her life and deliver on the deadly contract, she begins to believe that God may be right about the act of contrition he’s demanded…but will she live long enough to do it?

If you have been following along with this series you know all about Maggie Lee and if you don't, well Maggie is a hitwoman. She didn't intend to be one it just kind of happened. It all started when she was in a car accident with her sister and her brother in law and her niece. She survived without a scratch. Her sister and Brother in law didn't make it and her niece Katie in a coma with brain trauma. Maggie finds herself the guardian of little Katie and to get her the best care she stumbles into this hitwoman gig. She has a real job too at a insurance company. Between book one and now a whole lot happens to keep Maggie Lee on her toes. Of course just when she thinks she might be getting a hold on her life again something else happens. In this book Maggie finds herself and a spiritual retreat. It's the last thing she want to do but to complete a hit she has taken on a pedofile and all around bad guy she has to bear with it.  Patrick her murder mentor/cop/ and maybe lover is there to add moral support and shows steps towards them being together for real someday. He's complicated. Of course her animal menagerie is there, Dee Dee the Doberman Pinscher, Piss the cat and God (short for Godzilla) the lizard. Did i mention Maggie can talk to all of them? Yup and they help out where they can. Sometimes they are Maggie's eyes and ears.  Armani her semi psychic friend is there to give her a little direction with her scrabble tiles. If you want to laugh experience a little mystery with it The Hitwoman's Act of Contrition will hit the spot.

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